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Our Music Mission Statement

At Bloxham Primary School music is a valued tool to equip our children with confidence and the necessary skills to ensure their current and future wellbeing. At our school music is accessible to all children. This applies to classroom music sessions as well as extra enrichment clubs and activities. While making music in school, children understand how to create and work positively in a safe environment and can perform, compose and appraise in a comfortable, secure setting where all have the potential to thrive.


Children at Bloxham Primary enjoy themselves while learning and, in doing so, can progress to their maximum ability, whilst also making a positive contribution to the life of the school.

Our hard work and enthusiasm in the subject was rewarded when Bloxham Primary School gained a Gold Award for Arts Mark in Music.




Overview of Music Provision

Class Music is taught to all children for 1 hour per week. Here, children have the opportunity to experience a wide breadth of musical styles and genres. A wide and varied curriculum is delivered where children experience music from Reggae to African Drumming, from Soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll. This eclectic range aids in stimulating an intellectual curiosity and appetite for learning Music while allowing children to develop their own musical preferences and in turn inspire lifelong learners.

Year 5s take part in a ‘first access course’. Here all pupils have the opportunity to learn cornet, clarinet and trombones as part of their Music curriculum. Through this experience, every child is taught the skills to study and develop on an instrument and experience the success of progress. This inevitably breeds a sense of success and achievement for all pupils.


Overview of Music Schemes

Blue – performance based learning
Red – Composition based learning
All topics involve listening and appraising

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Building Blocks of Music In the Ocean Rainforest Music Ukulele 12 bar Blues Gospel Music
Graphic Score Sub Exploration Compositions Rain Forrest Compositions Ukulele Improvisation Gospel Composition
Caterpillar Rhythms Music from China Call and Response

African Drumming

Ukulele Reggae Music

Dub Reggae Compositions

Rock ‘n’ Roll


Caterpillar Compositions Chinese Compositions Call and Response Compositions Ukulele First Access Brass and Woodwind Tuition Rock ‘n’ Roll


Latin Songs Film Music

Synchronised sounds

Classical Music and the Orchestra Indian Music First Access Brass and Woodwind Tuition Musical
Film Music


Classical Remix Indian Music Composition First Access Brass and Woodwind Tuition Musical

At Bloxham Primary we currently offer extra music tuition in Keyboard, Clarinet, saxophone and guitar. Brass tuition will also be available if required.



We have a choir of 130 strong at Bloxham. We perform frequently throughout the school year and have given a number of prestigious performances, including gaining a distinction in the Chipping Norton Music Festival – Junior Choir Competition and winning the Warriner Partnership Music Festival Choir Competition. We have also performed at Wembly Arena. Covid didn’t even hinder our progress, as we created a virtual choir in conjunction with Cropredy Primary School.



We have a school band which perform regularly throughout the school year. This is currently on hold until later this year.




What’s new this year?


Music Nurture

Music is a great way to nurture. On Fridays, children who may have had one off tough weeks, or who have any ongoing concerns for whatever reason, are able to blow off some steam in the Music Studio while taking part in our ‘Music Masters’ workshops. They are able to focus on solo projects to help them work though their issues, or group sessions to promote teamwork and communication skills.

Foundation Stage Music

From September 2021 we have introduced Foundation Stage to the Music Curriculum. This term we have been looking at the story of the ‘Firebird’ and listening to Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. Children are identifying dynamics and character themes as well as creating some of our own themes on the keyboards.


Track of The Week

In our Music lessons we have a ‘Track of the Week Play List’.

Please join in at home.